A very evil enemy



armor class-5

ends all saves

weapons- gloves of ying yang (colors are yellow and pink)

chaotic evil

immune- necrotic, light


a season in hell- 10d6+ 42 necrotic damage (encounter, recharge)

death pour- 5d10 necrotic damage (at-will)

all is fair in love and war- her and all allies gain thirty percent of health and all against her take 3d6 light damage (daily)

demonic rise- rises one wraith (at-will)

blind surge- makes all against her blind and she gains 2 healing surges (at-will)

silent life- brings back an ally from the dead that is invisible (encounter)

screaming death- loses 100 hp and zaps the target the same amount of damage( daily)

the alice charm- makes an ally appear adjacent to her then she kills him but doesn’t kill the ally the ally acted as a transport to an enemy ( once she is knocked down to 10 health)

into the abyss- light and necrotic damage strike the enemy doing 7d20 damage to each ememy (daily)


once beaten you get her gloves of ying yang

loves her boyfriend decus (dex) who is just up ahead ready to kill you for killing his girlfriend.

hates marta she calls her martmart who almost killed her for the centurions cores.


The eight cores hrk33